Decision of the Prime Minister No. 13 of 2020 “Emergency”

Decision of the Prime Minister No. 13 of 2020



The Prime Minister, 

In reference of the provisions of the Amended Basic Law of 2003, as amended,

The provisions of the Presidential Decree No. 4 of 2020 Concerning the Declaration of the State of Emergency,

The Law by Decree No. 7 of 2020 Concerning the State of Emergency, particularly the provisions of Article 1 thereunder,

Based upon my authorisation of the powers and competences necessary to achieve the purposes of the declaration of the state of emergency,

The powers bestowed upon me under the legislation in force,

In preservation of public health and safety, and

In pursuance of the public interest,


Hereby promulgates the following Decision:

Article 1

1. The electronic tracking system for the persons subject to the instructions of home quarantine shall be approved in accordance with the executive plan adopted by Her Excellency the Minister of Health.

2. The competent bodies at the Ministry of Health and competent law enforcement agencies shall be mandated to implement the executive plan approved for the electronic tracking system as well as the provisions of this Decision.

Article 2

1. Each person who is subject to home quarantine shall be placed under electronic tracking by the competent health bodies and staff and law enforcement agencies throughout the period prescribed for quarantine.

2. Electronic tracking shall be conducted by means of an electronic application, which locates the position of the person subject to home quarantine based on the GPS and internet service.

3. The electronic tracking application shall be downloaded on the mobile telephone of the person subject to quarantine for the purposes of tracking their movements outside their home or the place designated for quarantine and bringing them back to it.

Article 3

The purpose of downloading and activating the electronic tracking application on the telephones of the persons subject to quarantine shall be restricted to the provisions of Article 2(3) of this Decision. Their privacy may not be violated. Any data or information on their mobile telephones may not be viewed or accessed.

Article 4

The Ministry of Health shall assume the task of compiling lists of the names of persons determined to be subject to quarantine to coordinate with the competent law enforcement agencies for the purposes of implementing the provisions of this Decision.

Article 5

1. The person, who is subject to home quarantine and determined to be electronically tracked, must be told to download the application on their mobile telephone and that they are subject to electronic tracking.

2. Each person who is subject to home quarantine and electronic tracking must not keep away from their mobile telephone or leave their home and be committed thereby in writing in accordance with the form approved by the Ministry of Health.

3. Relatives to the first and second degrees of consanguinity of the person subject to quarantine, who live with or in close proximity to them, shall be assigned to keep him them inside, and prevent them from leaving, the place designated for quarantine, and report to the competent authorities immediately when they leave it.

Article 6

Each person who violates a provision of this Decision shall be subject to the penalties provided for under the Law by Decree No. 7 of 2020 Concerning the State of Emergency.

Article 7

All provisions that contradict the provisions of this Decision shall be repealed. 

Article 8

All the competent authorities, each one within its sphere of jurisdiction, shall implement the provisions of this Decision, which shall enter into force as of the date of its promulgation and shall be published in the Official Gazette.


Promulgated in the city of Ramallah on May 5th, 2020 Anno Domini,

Corresponding to Ramadan 12th, 1441 Anno Hegira.


Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh

Prime Minister

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