Decision of the Prime Minister No. 8 of 2020 “Emergency”

Decision of the Prime Minister No. 8 of 2020



The Prime Minister,

In reference of the provisions of the Amended Basic Law of 2003, as amended,

The provisions of the Presidential Decree No. 1 of 2020 Concerning the Declaration of the State of Emergency throughout the Palestinian Territory to Confront the Threat and Prevent the Outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19),

The Law by Decree No. 7 of 2020 Concerning the State of Emergency, particularly the provisions of Article 1 thereunder,

The Presidential Decree No. 3 of 2020 Concerning the Extension of the State of Emergency,

The Law by Decree No. 9 of 2020 Concerning the Approval of the Extension of the State of Emergency,

Based upon our delegation of authority and powers necessary to achieve the purposes of the declaration of the state of emergency,

The powers bestowed upon me under the legislation in force,

In preservation of public health and safety, and

In pursuance of the public interest,


Hereby promulgates the following Decision:

Article 1

1. All the procedures and measures issued forth in accordance with my Decision No. 1 of 2020 “Emergency”, promulgated on March 5th, 2020, shall remain in effect.

2. Pharmaceutical and food processing factories, which demonstrate their ability to preserve the safety of their workers and employees and to comply with the preventive health instructions issued forth thereon, shall be permitted to operate, taking into account the following:

a. Workers shall be from within the governorate, in which the factory is located, and in accordance with the criteria approved by the Ministries of National Economy and Health.

b. The owners of such factories shall be responsible for transporting workers and employees from their places of residence to the workplace and vice versa.

c. Adhering to keeping the distance between workers at work.

d. Complying with and abiding by all the health, safety and preventive measures issued forth by the competent authorities in relation to confronting COVID-19.

e. Receiving a special work permit from the Governor.

3. The work permit shall be issued by the Governor after he ascertains that due regard is being paid to the provisions of Paragraph 2 of this Article in accordance with a recommendation from the Ministry of National Economy.

Article 2

1. All groceries and shops selling food supplies shall be completely shut down throughout the homeland on Friday every week.

2. Bookshops, dry cleaners, tailors and sewing supply shops, and stores selling electrical and plumbing fittings, tools and supplies shall be allowed to operate on Friday every week, from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Article 3

Each person who violates a provision of this Decision shall be subject to the penalties provided for under the Law by Decree No. 7 of 2020 Concerning the State of Emergency.

Article 4

All provisions that contradict the provisions of this Decision shall be repealed. 

Article 5

All the competent authorities, each one within its sphere of jurisdiction, shall implement the provisions of this Decision, which shall enter into force as of the date of its promulgation and shall be published in the Official Gazette.


Promulgated in the city of Ramallah on April 13th, 2020 Anno Domini,

Corresponding to Sha’ban 20th, 1441 Anno Hegira.


Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh

Prime Minister

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